Universal Nutrition, CarbRite Diet, Extra Rich Blondies with Chocolate Chips, 11.43 oz (324 g)

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Информация о добавках
Serving Size: 1 - 1 inch Blondie (27g*, 44g**)
Serving Per Box: 12
Amount Per Serving%Daily Value†




Total Fat3 g8 g4%10%
Saturated Fat2 g4.5 g10%23%
Trans Fat0 g0 g

Cholesterol<,5 mg60 mg1%20%
Sodium140 mg190 mg6%8%
Total Carbs19 g19 g7%7%
Dietary Fiber6 g6 g21%21%
Total Sugars<,1 g<,1 g

Includes 0 g of Added Sugars

Sugar Alcohols10 g

Protein3 g5 g6%10%
Vitamin D0 mcg0 mcg0%0%
Calcium14 mg20 mg1%2%
Iron1.2 mg1.3 mg7%7%
Potassium60 mg80 mg1%2%
Phosphorus20 mg20 mg2%2%
Chloride210 mg210 mg9%9%
*Amount in Mix
**Amount in Baked Blondie using Basic Recipe
†The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

  • 3 g Net Carbs
  • Great Source of Fiber
  • Great Taste
  • No Maltitol
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • No Trans Fat
  • Easy Baking Mix
With its rich, vanilla flavor and fudgy texture, blondies are a crave-worthy treat. CarbRite's Blondies with Chocolate Chips are easy to make and easy to fit into you low-carb diet. It has 3g net carbs per serving with no added sugar or artifical sweeteners. Best of all, we've eliminated maltitol for those who are sensitive to it. Can a blondie ever taste as good as a brownie? Give it a try and decide for yourself.

Following a carb conscious lifestyle shouldn't mean having to sacrifice flavor or giving up tasty snacks. With CarbRite, you don't have to. There are good carbs and there are bad carbs- we help you choose the 'Rite' ones.

3 g Net Impact Carbs
Carb Facts
Amount in Prepared Blondies

Total Carbs
- Fiber & Sugar Alcohols
19 g
16 g
= Net Impact Carbs

3 g
*For 'carb conscious' dieters:
Each serving contains 3 g of carbs (Net Impact Carbs) that should be counted towards your daily carbohydrate intake. Net Impact Carbs, include only those carbs that cause a noted impact on blood sugar. Fiber and Sugar Alcohols are excluded.

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